Coffee Reduces the Risk of Colon and Rectum Cancer

Coffee Reduces the Risk of Colon and Rectum Cancer

According to the article in a medical journal published by the American Cancer Research Association, regular coffee consumption reduces the risk of colon and rectum cancer.

The article contained findings from a study by Stephanie L. Schmit of researchers at the University of Southern California comparing the food consumption of 5,144 cancer patients and a control group of 4,97 people.
Research conducted in the northern Israel reported that the amount of caffeine in the cup, the way it was prepared, the area in which the cancer developed, and the ethnic origin of the consumer were taken into account.

It was noted that 61.3 percent of the cancer patients and control group members who were under the spotlight were Ashkenazi Jews, 21.4 percent were Sephardic Jews, 13.5 percent were Arabs, and coffee consumption decreased the risk of cancer in general by 26 percent.

In particular, the amount of coffee consumed, particularly Ashkenazi and Sephardi Jews, reduced the rates of developing colon and rectum cancers.
It has also been suggested that certain components of the herb have protective properties against colon and rectum cancer due to their effects on intestinal physiology. These components are thought to have an antioxidant effect in the intestine and help the intestinal functions.

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