Millions of cancer cases preventable worldwide

Millions of cancer cases preventable worldwide

How important it is that all factors from the diet work together is illustrated by studies in which only isolated micronutrients were given and protective effects were eliminated. In some cases, the risks even increased. For example, high-dose vitamin E and beta carotenoids increased the risk of lung cancer. In the comparison groups, which consumed abundantly various vegetables and fruits, such overdoses and undesirable side effects could not be observed so far. Often the significant protective effects are only visible there, because the innumerable bioactive substances from the food interact.

For some cancers it is certainly not only important how much fruits and vegetables and fiber were eaten, but also what and in what quality. In many cases the necessary dosages are not achieved because the consumption of unripe harvested, well-transported and long-stored fruits contains only a fraction of the phytochemicals that would be normal and natural. When preparing heat-sensitive fruits and vegetables, the duration and amount of heat also play an important role. In terms of quality, one should therefore look for primary factors (harvested, pollutants that are as free as possible, etc.) as well as secondary quality factors such as transport, storage, preservation and preparation. Most of the vegetables and fruits should be eaten as raw as possible or very carefully,

To prevent various diseases, especially many, but not all, cancers, fruits and vegetables remain a very important factor. In addition, experts derive even more recommendations from the studies available so far: they call for daily consumption of other fibrous foods such as legumes and whole grains and thus to come to at least 30 grams of fiber. They also recommend limiting sugar and alcohol consumption. The evidence suggests that it is beneficial to eat no more than 30 grams of meat products per day on average and to prefer white meat or fish. Associated with physical activity and the avoidance of obesity, With these dietary recommendations, it would be estimated that the number of cancer cases could be reduced by 30 to 40 percent. That’s three to four million fewer illnesses every year worldwide. For Germany alone, that would mean 97,000 to 132,000 fewer cancer cases per year

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