New Therapies For Breast Cancer

New Therapies For Breast Cancer

New Therapies For Breast Cancer

With 72,000 new cases a year, breast cancer is the most common type of tumor in women. Discovered too late, it can end in death. But that happens less and less often – thanks in part to the precautionary investigation that was introduced seven years ago, but also to an increased sensitivity. Many palpate their breasts regularly, discovering the nodes in the early stages.

  • Woman on mammography exam
  • Breast cancer can be detected early and treated well due to the breast cancer screening.
  • Only one in five thickenings is vicious. In order to examine them more closely, ultrasound and MRI are used in addition to mammography. New is the tomosynthesis, which provides precise, three-dimensional X-ray images.


As long as the degenerate cells are limited to the milk ducts, glandular lobes or cells, the chances of healing are very good. The pathological tissue is removed. In order to be able to receive the breast, accompanying measures are usually useful – depending on the severity and location, for example, a radiation, chemo or hormone therapy. About one in every four carcinomas has HER2 receptors that can be well treated with the antibodies trastuzumab or pertuzumab.

The new active ingredient complex T-DM1, which trastuzumab uses to smuggle a chemotherapeutic agent into cancer, is also very effective. Similarly, the radioactive element Thorium-227 should be directed to the scene of action. However, the “alpha emitter” has yet to prove itself in clinical trials.

There are also modern methods for benign tumors. The most common is the fibroadenoma, which affects about one in ten women. It can be destroyed in a single session by bundled ultrasound.

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