Prostate Cancer - Diagnosis And Treatment

Prostate Cancer – Diagnosis And Treatment

Prostate cancer is the most common type of cancer among men in world. The good news: She is treated well, often even healed.

In the advanced case of prostate cancer, there is usually only one surgical intervention. If it is not ready yet, a preparation can activate the immune system and destroy the cancer cells.

Diagnosis Of Prostate Cancer

Since a tumor in the prostate gland makes no complaints for a long time, precautionary examinations are important. The doctor scans the organ or determines by blood test the PSA value (prostate-specific antigen). If there is a suspicion of cancer, a tissue sample is necessary. So far, the patient has to wait several days for the result. In future, the doctor will immediately see if the cells are malignant with a new device. However, it is not yet on the market.

Prostate Cancer - Diagnosis And Treatment
Prostate Cancer – Diagnosis And Treatment

Early Stages Have Good Chances Of Recovery

As long as the tumor has not broken the capsule of the prostate, the healing chances are good. The therapy consists of surgery or radiation, or both are combined. A breakthrough promises a new drug: It is targeted to activate the immune system, so it destroys the cancer cells. However, it must first prove itself in trials before admission.

The Body’s Own Testosterone Is Suppressed

In the advanced case, an OP is usually necessary. This is followed by irradiation. In addition, the production of testosterone is suppressed, as the hormone stimulates cancer growth. If it comes to bone metastases, helps recently a radioactive syringe.

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