Small intestine cancer

Small intestine cancer The small intestine begins at the exit of the stomach and ends at the transition to the large intestine. In the small intestine, the food is digested and the individual food components are absorbed into the bloodstream. Large intestine, small intestine and rectum 1. large intestine 2. Continue Reading

Liver Cancer

About Liver Cancer Liver cancer is really a cancer that starts inside the liver. This is a rare cancer in the UK. It is a bit more common in britain to get cancer containing spread to the liver from elsewhere within the body. This is whats called a secondary liver Continue Reading

Liver Cancer Symptoms

Liver Cancer Symptoms Perused about the conceivable symptoms of liver cancer and when it’s a smart thought to get looked at by your specialist. Weight reduction This is weight reduction when you aren’t abstaining from food. Specialists typically characterize critical weight reduction as over 10% of your body weight – Continue Reading