Antibody Therapy Heals Breast Cancer

Antibody Therapy Heals Breast Cancer

Antibody Therapy Heals Breast Cancer

The shock diagnosis hits around 200 German women every day: breast cancer! Under the collective term malignant tumors are summarized, which proliferate in the milk ducts, the glandular lobes or in the surrounding tissue. Many can enter the lymphatic system and bloodstream – often with a fatal outcome. The good news: Thanks to early detection and modern therapies, the chances of recovery are increasing.

Virgin olive oil helps prevent breast cancer

Scientific studies prove that a Mediterranean diet helps to prevent breast cancer. Above all, the number of breast cancer cases was reduced when virgin olive oil was the major fat source.

Small knots can often be removed on a small scale nowadays. Only when they have spread strongly, the breast and possibly lymph nodes must be sacrificed. Usually followed by radiation as well as chemotherapy to minimize the risk of relapse.

But not always a chemo is needed. For many, a gentler anti-hormone treatment would be enough. Because 72 percent of breast cancers are stimulated by the sexual hormone estrogen. Once inhibited, the cancer falls asleep. A test (EndoPredict) indicates whether the treatment makes sense (about 1,800 euros, pay a few tills).

The hormone intake, for example during the menopause , is delicate due to the carcinogenic effect. It is one of the biggest risk factors in addition to smoking, alcohol, overweight and familial accumulation.

About every fifth breast cancer has HER2 receptors that can be attacked by antibodies. The special feature of the method: The drug has a targeted effect in diseased tissue and burdens the organism far less than conventional therapies. New is the drug conjugate T-DM1 – an antibody that carries the chemo quasi piggyback and thus unfolds a greater force.


Several studies show that the Mediterranean cuisine – rich in olives, fish and herbs – can prevent cancer. In addition, women between the ages of 50 and 69 are advised to undergo mammography every two years. The sooner the proliferation is recognized, the sooner it can be cured.