Breast Cancer Early Detection

Breast cancer  risk factors

Breast Cancer Early Detection

Breast Cancer  Early Detection

Breast Cancer Prevention and Prevention

Provisions in the sense of prevention – that can only be avoided by yourself through a healthy lifestyle and by avoiding controllable risk factors. Your female physician can only ensure that cancer is discovered as early as possible. And in many cases, the earlier a malignant tumor is discovered, the greater the chance of healing.

Early detection of statutory health insurance funds

The statutory health insurance funds assume the costs for regular early detection tests. In what intervals and exactly what is examined is dependent on the age of the women.

Women between 30 and 49 and above 70 years:

Once a year the mammary glands and the lymph nodes are scrutinized in the armpits, on the wrist and thigh, the shape and size of the breast and nipples. The nipple is gently pressed to check if fluid leaks.

Women between 50 and 69 years:

In addition to the annual follow-up, women of this age group are invited every two years by letter for mammography screening.

Early detection in case of hereditary pre-stress and the presence of a gene change:

For women in whose family heaped breast cancer occurs at a young age and in whom a genetic change has been detected in the BRCA1 or BRCA2 gene, every six months from the age of 25 or 5 years before the most recent age of the disease in the family is a touch And ultrasound examination, and once a year a magnetic resonance tomography is recommended. In addition, from the age of 40, one or two years of mammography should be performed.