Can Cancer be Prevented ?

cancer prevention

Can Cancer be Prevented ?

We know that our risk of catching up on cannabis depends on a combination of our genes, our surroundings and our way of life that we can control a majority.

However, experts believe that more than four out of 10 cancer cases can be prevented by changes in lifestyle, such as:
* Do not smoke
* Maintaining a healthy body weight
* Cutting alcohol
* A healthy and balanced diet
* Be active
* Protect from certain infections (such as HPV)
* Protect from the sun
* Occupation (see the chapter on chemicals in the workplace)

Some people are at greater risk of cancer as a result of the chemistry or practices they use in their profession. Improving safety in the workplace means fewer people are at risk than in the past.

Cancer prevention
Cancer prevention

Can we prevent cancer?

The evidence that cancer can be prevented has been significantly strengthened over the last century due to scientists’ work around the world.