Cancer Research: Protecting Fruits and Vegetables

Cancer: How Food Can Protect

Cancer Research: Protecting Fruits and Vegetables

Some scientific studies in recent years have shown that there is no significant relationship between diet and the development of specific cancers. However, these data reflect only a fraction of the studies and sub-results, such as those currently being compiled in the European Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition (EPIC) study. In the EPIC study, ten European countries have been studying more than 520,000 participants over a 15-20 year period since 1992. Despite these partial results, there is still no reason to doubt that a rich consumption of fruit and vegetables can significantly reduce the risk of numerous types of cancer and other civilization diseases.

Fruits and Vegetables

“one can not say that fruits and vegetables prevent cancer” are repeatedly misinterpreted by journalists. Specialists emphasize that even those who consume enough fruit and vegetables can develop cancer. At the same time, however, they say that those who consume too little fruit and vegetables are at a much higher risk for cancer and other diseases. But in the headlines is rather taken up that fruits and vegetables are no guarantee against cancer.

Partial results of the EPIC study seem to support these false reports – but only seemingly. The fact that fruits and vegetables have no effect on the risk of cancer has so far mainly been found in breast and prostate cancer. Hormone-dependent factors probably play a greater role in the development of these types of tumors. The leaders of the EPIC study emphasize that although no effect of diet on breast and prostate cancer has yet been identified in the evaluation of the data, decisive statements can only be made in a few years. For other cancers, the EPIC study already shows highly significant protective effects from vegetables and fruits.
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