Radiation Equipment

Radiation Equipment Radiation therapy, Radiation from the outside (external or percutaneous radiation treatment) This type of radiation treatment is by far the most common in the treatment of tumors of the central nervous system. The irradiation is generated by special therapy devices. The generated radiation is formed in the therapeutic Continue Reading

Life during radiation therapy and side effects

Life during radiation therapy and side effects Life during radiation therapy and side effects, Usually the acute risk of side effects of the radiation is so low that the daily-life is rarely necessary. Especially during the spring and summer months, however, care should be taken to avoid direct sunlight. Headgear, preference Continue Reading

Types of Oncologists

Oncology deals not only with diagnosis and treatment of all tumors and also all developments in this field. Many studies are conducted and new techniques are developed to ensure early diagnosis of various types of cancers. Computed tomography, ultrasound, nuclear magnetic resonance imaging and PET/CT are only some examples. Chemotherapy Continue Reading

Radiotherapy in Brain Tumors

Radiotherapy in Brain Tumors Radiotherapy in Brain Tumors, In most cases, the operation provides the first therapeutic step with removal of the visible tumor or also for relief, in order to reduce present ailments. In the case of tumors in the region of the posterior cranial fossa, this also affects the Continue Reading

What is radiation therapy?

What is radiation therapy? Radiotherapy is the most important treatment for tumors of the central nervous system after surgery. As an independent discipline, radiation therapy (including radio-oncology) is a relatively young subject. In former times radiation therapy or radio-oncology was led under the heading of “radiology“, which summarized the individual Continue Reading

Treatment Procedure

Treatment Procedure   Treatment Procedure , Operative measures are performed in the appropriate neurosurgery clinic. Subsequently, the overall treatment concept is often defined in joint consultations in the clinic. This results in a close cooperation between neurosurgery, neurological or internal clinic and clinic for radio-oncology. In order to determine the most suitable Continue Reading

Therapy of colon cancer

Therapy of colon cancer What type of therapy a patient with the diagnosis of rectal carcinoma expects depends very much on the tumor stage and the associated risk of spreading the disease. Earlier, physicians assumed that only tumors in stages I-III were curable. In the meantime, even in stage IV, Continue Reading

Complementary Therapies

Complementary TherapiesMany types of therapy may be used along with medical treatment for cancer to help manage symptoms and side effects. Many cancer centers now offer integrative therapy that combines clinically proven medical treatments and complementary approaches. Complementary therapies should be used only in addition to proven medical therapies, not Continue Reading

Decisions About Your Breast Cancer Treatment

Decisions About Your Breast Cancer Treatment How your specialist chooses which treatment you need and data about the sorts of treatment you may have. Primary treatments for breast cancer The primary treatments for breast cancer include: surgery chemotherapy radiotherapy hormonal treatment (additionally called endocrine treatment) organic treatment You may have Continue Reading