Chemotherapy Treatment for Breast Cancer

Chemotherapy Treatment for Breast Cancer Chemotherapy treatment Whenever, where and how you have chemotherapy for breast cancer, and the conceivable symptoms. What chemotherapy is Chemotherapy utilizes against cancer (cytotoxic) medications to decimate cancer cells. The medications flow all through the body in the circulation system. When you have it You Continue Reading

What Is Targeted Therapy?

In recent decades, cancer treatment has evolved rapidly from surgery, radiation and traditional chemotherapy to targeted therapies that attack specific types of tumors and immunotherapies that help the immune system fight cancer. Targeted therapies work against cancer with specific gene mutations or other unique characteristics that make cancer cells different Continue Reading

Endoscopy (Mirroring)

Endoscopy (Mirroring) Endoscopy (Mirroring), In endoscopy, a thin, usually flexible tube is inserted over a natural body opening (eg mouth, anus). It is equipped with a light source, a mirror and a camera with which images from the inside of the respective organ are transferred to a monitor. The method is Continue Reading

Ultrasound (Sonography)

Ultrasound (Sonography) Ultrasound (Sonography) Technology, In diagnostic ultrasound, the different propagation of ultrasonic waves is utilized in the human body: the high-frequency sound waves transmitted into the body by the examining physician via a special transducer, whose frequency is 20 kilohertz to 1 gigahertz above the human auditory threshold, become the Continue Reading

Therapy Of Brain Tumors

Therapy Of Brain Tumors Therapy Of Brain Tumors, When the diagnosis brain tumor is established, the doctor agrees with the patient, which possibilities of treatment are used. Possible treatment options are surgery , radiation therapy , chemotherapy , immunotherapy or naturopathic procedures . It is important that you discuss your therapy Continue Reading