Colorectal Cancer Early Detection

Colorectal Cancer Early Detection Colorectal Cancer – Early Detection, It is assumed that in early diagnosis 90 percent of all colorectal cancer patients can be cured. Therefore early detection plays an important role in colorectal cancer. For this reason, the legislator has created the possibility of early detection and preventive examinations Continue Reading

Therapy of colon cancer

Therapy of colon cancer What type of therapy a patient with the diagnosis of rectal carcinoma expects depends very much on the tumor stage and the associated risk of spreading the disease. Earlier, physicians assumed that only tumors in stages I-III were curable. In the meantime, even in stage IV, Continue Reading

Causes and risk factors of colon cancer

Causes and risk factors of colon cancer Causes and risk factors of colon cancer, Complex events: More rarely hereditary The development of colorectal cancer is a complex process in which several factors are involved. In seven out of ten cases, sporadic tumors are present, with a quarter of the patients having Continue Reading

Genetically induced colorectal cancer

Genetically induced colorectal cancer Colorectal cancer is one of the most common cancer types in Germany. The cause is usually unclear. Three to five percent of all cases can be attributed to known gene changes, which can be inherited and, above all, cause colorectal cancer. Those affected have a very Continue Reading

What is colon cancer?

What is colon cancer? Colon cancer, also known as colorectal cancer, develops when cells grow out of control in the colon or rectum, sections of the large intestine. The most common kind is adenocarcinoma of the colon, meaning it starts in the colon lining. Cancer may also arise elsewhere in Continue Reading

What is Colorectal Cancer?

What is Colorectal Cancer ? What is Colorectal Cancer –The term “colorectal cancer” generally refers to cancerous diseases of the colon (colorectal cancer) and the rectum (rectal carcinoma). They are collectively referred to as colorectal carcinoma . The term “carcinoma” refers to cancerous diseases which originate from the skin of Continue Reading

Prevention of rectal cancer

Rectal cancer, Numerous scientific studies have shown a connection between diet and the risk of colorectal cancer in the past. How rectal cancer is prevented Primary prophylaxis: The lifestyle makes a lot of The adenoma and thus colon cancer can be prevented by a healthy lifestyle. The diet, a healthy Continue Reading

Colorectal Cancer – Cause and Risk Factors

Colorectal Cancer – Cause and Risk Factors Colorectal Cancer – Cause and Risk Factors, How does colorectal cancer develop? Colorectal Cancer – Cause and Risk Factors, The causes for the development of colorectal cancer have not yet been completely clarified. However, it is now known that in principle several causes are responsible. Continue Reading

Symptoms Of Colon Cancer

Symptoms Of Colon Cancer Symptoms Of Colon Cancer Colorectal cancer often causes discomfort only in more advanced stages. The following symptoms may be signs of colorectal cancer: Change of the chair habits with a change between diarrhea and constipation Blood stains in the stool stomach pain Decrease in physical performance Unwanted Continue Reading

How Is Colon Cancer Detected?

How Is Colon Cancer Detected? Many people are afraid to get into a medical “mill” if they suspect a cancer. As understandable as this fear is, the earlier a disease is recognized, the better the chances of recovery and survival. The investigations should clarify the following questions • Do you Continue Reading