Diagnosing Breast Cancer – Even The Pill Increases The Risk

Diagnosing Breast Cancer

Diagnosing Breast Cancer – Even The Pill Increases The Risk

Do not panic! Although breast cancer is affecting more and more women – now around 74,000 a year. But more and more survive him too. The reasons: better diagnostics, new drugs, gentle surgical techniques. Important: A malignant node is not a medical emergency. Familiarize yourself with the condition, quietly consult a second doctor and select a certified breast cancer center for treatment.

  • A lot of exercise in the fresh air lowers the risk of breast cancer
  • A lot of exercise in the fresh air lowers the risk of breast cancer. Exercise endurance sports regularly, such as jogging. But also long walks are ideal.
  • As a rule, the treacherous suffering occurs in women over 50 years. But the risk does not only increase with the years. It also increases, if mother or grandmother are ill, early the rule has been used, menopause was the time to wait. Other unfavorable factors: hormone replacement therapy, contraception with the pill, lack of exercise, overweight and more than a glass of alcohol a day.
  • If you feel a knot, the gynecologist will do an ultrasound examination. If no exact result is obtained, a mammography or magnetic resonance imaging with contrast agent follows with the radiologist. Definite safety finally gives the biopsy (tissue examination).


A malignant tumor is usually removed surgically. Afterwards, the patient often receives chemotherapy in addition to radiation. But that does not always make sense, because not every woman speaks to it. A test (femtelle) facilitates the decision. For this purpose, a sample is taken from the tumor tissue and analyzed for the concentration of certain proteins. If this is high, a chemo is advisable. If it is low, then there is also a good chance of healing.


Make sure you have a fresh, high-fiber diet, move around outdoors and take care of your own well-being.


BRCA 1 and 2 are the genes that show the predisposition to breast cancer. If they are mutated, the risk of developing it increases by 25 percent. Nevertheless, nobody knows if the cancer really breaks out. Also, a precautionary surgery, in which the mammary gland tissue is removed, is no guarantee to remain free of tumors. Therefore, at-risk women should be closely monitored, avoid stress , eat healthily and move a lot.

Breast Cancer - Genetic Tests Can Save Lives
Breast Cancer – Genetic Tests Can Save Lives

Self-Test: Am I Healthy?

Answer the questions with yes or no.

  • Do you eat fruits and vegetables at least once a day?
  • Are there fish instead of meat several times a week?
  • Do you take the check-ups scheduled for your age?
  • Do you sleep about seven hours a night and feel rested afterwards?
  • Do you practice endurance sports on a regular basis?

Evaluation: If you answered yes to all questions, you have a good chance of staying healthy until old age. If you had to tick No on one or more questions, you should review your lifestyle and change it if possible. Let your doctor advise you the best.