Do Not Underestimate Your Skin Cancer Risk!

Do Not Underestimate Your Skin Cancer Risk

Do Not Underestimate Your Skin Cancer Risk!

When the sun shines more frequently on our bodies, many people develop more moles. As a rule, they are harmless. But it can also develop skin cancer. Every year around 234,000 Germans get sick of it. Therefore, you should recognize the first signs and go to the doctor in time.

ABCDE rule shows whether skin cancer threatens

If one suspects that a mole spot indicates skin cancer, there is an easy way to recognize it: the ABCDE rule. According to this scheme, one can examine the liver spot and go to the doctor on suspicion.

The most famous and dangerous malignant disease is black skin cancer, also called malignant melanoma. But there is a second form, which is even ten times more common: the bright skin cancer. In contrast to tumors inside the body, such growths are clearly visible. Even laymen can recognize conspicuous liver spots themselves.

Thus, the bright form can already be discovered as a precursor called actinic keratosis: These are rough, reddish brownish spots. They can cause a basal cell carcinoma or basal cell carcinoma , the crusts bleeding again and again. It proliferates but does not form secondary tumors.

Bright skin cancer also includes squamous cell carcinoma, which rarely metastasizes. These small tumors occur in areas that are often exposed to the sun. However, melanoma can also be found in hidden areas. There is a risk if a birthmark changes.

The Abcde Rule Shows Whether Danger Threatens

Asymmetry: The stain is not uniformly round or oval.

Limitation: He is not sharply limited, but freaks out.

Color: The spot is not uniformly colored but has different shades of brown, black or red.

Diameter: Suspicious is a size of more than five millimeters.

Grandeur: The stigma rises in a knot or in steps from the surface of the skin.


Anyone who finds something like that should go to the dermatologist. In addition, it is important that this makes a regular skin check. It is paid by the till for people over 35 every two years. There are many passages that lay people can go through despite being self-examining. Welf Prager from Dermatologikum in Hamburg: “On the back, between the fingers and toes, in skin wrinkles as well as on the buttocks and on the oral mucosa you have to look .. For light skin types and people who are prone to sunburn or have many birthmarks, is the investigation even useful every year. ”

The dermatologist advises to investigate with video dermatoscopy. This can be images of a conspicuous birthmark store and compare with those of the next control. The costs of 60 to 100 euros are not borne by the coffers.

The fact that people develop many liver spots is usually normal: “The number increases – depending on the skin type – in the course of life,” says dr. Prague. It is also typical for hormonal changes such as in pregnancy. In addition, after a sunburn freckles-like discoloration may occur (sunburn freckles).