Do Something For Yourself! Prostate Cancer

Do Something For Yourself! Prostate Cancer

Not only does the body suffer from cancer, the soul can also get out of whack. Therefore, the psychological accompaniment of those affected plays an important role. Exercise and a balanced diet can also contribute to the mental balance.

Do yourself good

If the brakes on a car are broken, they can be repaired in the workshop and everything is fine again. If a person is ill, it is usually not done with the “repair” alone, especially in the case of a serious illness such as cancer.

“They have prostate cancer.” This message suddenly changes the lives of those affected, causing uncertainty and anxiety: fear of treatment and its side effects, pain, death, fear for the family. To deal with it openly is important. Talking to experienced counselors, psychotherapists, or a psycho-oncologist can be helpful to the sick. Many find it easier to describe all “worries and hardships” to a “stranger” and to trust the advice of someone who knows the problems of cancer victims from their work.

The treatment of a cancer can be very stressful and exhausting. Therefore, it is important that the sufferers “refuel” and do good to their bodies. A healthy lifestyle helps: for example through a balanced diet, sufficient exercise and fresh air. In the meantime, it has been scientifically proven that exercise and sport have a positive influence on the course of the disease.

Cancer Support Groups

After stressful treatments, some patients have one thing above all: they want to retire, have their rest and recover from their hardships. Fatigue, temporary or permanent physical marks can add to the burden on those affected. Some patients are also anxious or depressed.

However, if such moods determine everyday life too long, the way back to “normal life” becomes more and more difficult. Therefore, we recommend that you return to public life, family activities or celebrations as early as possible. Also, a cancer support group can be a great support for many patients.