Does Coffee Cause Cancer ?

Does Coffee Cause Cancer

Does Coffee Cause Cancer

Does Coffee Cause Cancer
Does Coffee Cause Cancer

International cancer researchers are now withdrawing their earlier assessment of coffee as “potentially carcinogenic.” But there is a new warning – it applies to over-hot drinks.

Good news for coffee drinkers first: your favorite treat is not carcinogenic. At least a “carcinogenic effect” is not conclusively detectable. The international cancer research agency IARC came to this conclusion after evaluating more than one thousand human and animal studies.

The Agency thus withdrew its assessment, which has been in force since 1991, as potentially carcinogenic. Twenty-five years ago, she had categorized coffee as a possible cause of cancer – including chloroform, lead and other substances. At that time she had claimed “limited evidence” for bladder cancer.

does coffee cause cancer

The less good news from the IARC for connoisseurs of extremely hot-tasted drinks: if you eat them at temperatures of 65 degrees Celsius and more, all drinks – coffee, tea or water – can promote the formation of esophageal cancer . Hot mate drinks have been suspected of causing cancer in earlier research, including in China . In most Western countries, hot drinks are much cooler.

The findings of the IARC are not only the all-clear for coffee drinkers – and brings the term “cold coffee” in German, so to speak, the appreciation to the seal of approval – he should also be accepted in the coffee industry and in the medical community with approval.

Coffee can protect the heart

Because coffee has been proven to have positive effects on health. According to Ulrich Engelhardt, the academic director of the Institute of Food Chemistry at the Technical University of Braunschweig, studies “show that most types of cancer either have no relationship between coffee consumption and increased risk, for example kidney , pancreas or prostate cancer , or a reduced risk , as in cancer of the liver and the colon “. The risk of developing bladder cancer before reaching the age of 75 is 2.6 percent for the Germans , according to the World Health Organization .

In addition, numerous studies have shown that coffee can even protect the heart. In the past, one had suspected the opposite. But now it turns out that people who drink three to five cups (regular coffee, no double espresso) a day have fewer calcified arteries and a lower risk of heart disease. Also, the risk of developing type 2 diabetes decreases for coffee drinkers.