How Does Breast Cancer Develop?

Breast Cancer Develop

How Does Breast Cancer Develop?

Breast Cancer Develop
Breast Cancer Develop

Why breast cancer develops, there is still much uncertainty. It is clear, however, that a crucial step in the development of any malignant tumor is the alteration of the genome of a single cell.

Breast Cancer disease risks

This change causes this cell to lose its natural division inhibition: it can then multiply unhindered until finally many millions of cells form a tumor.

The change in the genome of the cell can arise in different ways. Scientific research has already identified a number of factors that increase the risk of developing breast cancer. For example, the focus is on the female sex hormone estrogen, which is responsible for the development of breast cancer.

Breast Cancer risk factors

Overweight and too little exercise; Above all, fatty tissue in the abdominal area increases the insulin level, which in turn causes the estrogen level to rise

  • Alcohol in itself is a risk factor, but also has an effect on the estrogen balance
  • Smoke
  • Childlessness or late birth of the first child
  • early onset of menstruation
  • late onset menopause
  • family bias
  • completed or ongoing hormone replacement therapy

At the onset of breast cancer, the symptoms are so general and uncharacteristic that they can have a very different cause. Therefore, it is important to go to the doctor early for certain symptoms . He can investigate what it is – and take the next steps.

Incidentally, even men can get breast cancer. Particularly at risk are men from family-biased families. Compared to the number of women affected, the number of cases is very low, but according to estimates by the Robert Koch Institute, about 700 men fall ill each year.