How Does Colon Cancer Therapy Work?


How Does Colon Cancer Therapy Work?


The treatment of colorectal cancer should cure the disease permanently or at least “keep the tumor in check”. If colon cancer is not treated, it spreads, spreads tumors in the body and sooner or later leads to death.

colon cancer Classification of the tumor

The body of a human consists of many different tissues and cells. Accordingly, the malignant growth of a cancerous tumor is also different. For the treatment, it is important to compile the exact “profile” of the disease, the classification of the tumor.

This includes the information about which cell type the cancer belongs to, how malignant it is, how fast it is growing, whether it has already passed the organ borders or even spread itself in the body.

It is very important to know these details exactly. Only then can a treatment be put together that is tailor-made for the patient and the course of his illness.

colon cancer therapy options

In principle, a variety of options are available in the treatment of colon cancer .

The goal of the surgery is to completely remove the tumor and surrounding lymph nodes.

If a tumor is combated with radiation (radiotherapy), they should kill the tumor cells and heal those affected.

Sometimes not all cancer cells can be removed during surgery – either because some are already scattered across the lymphoid or bloodstream in the body, or because daughter tumors have already formed in distant organs. Then the doctor will recommend chemotherapy .

The understanding of the biology of cancer has increased enormously in recent years. Therefore, with some cancers today, a targeted therapy already done. In colon cancer, there are initial approaches in clinical trials to establish this very promising treatment pathway.

If the disease is so advanced that it is no longer curable, the palliative treatment can still do a lot for those affected so that they feel well in their remaining lifetime.