Nutrition In Cancer – How To Survive The Therapy Better!

Nutrition In Cancer - How To Survive The Therapy Better!

Nutrition In Cancer – How To Survive The Therapy Better!

Surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy – this is the way to treat a cancerous disease in many cases today. Around five million Germans are currently being treated. However, side effects such as nausea or intestinal problems may occur, which sometimes significantly affect the quality of life of patients. Dr. Roman Huber from the Center for Natural Medicine at the University of Freiburg gives tips on how to counteract with the diet gently.

Brazil nuts on wooden background

In many cancer patients, chemotherapy triggers side effects such as nausea or diarrhea. Studies have shown that the trace element selenium can reduce these side effects. In Brazil nuts it is included in high dose.


Brazil nuts The nuts contain the trace element selenium in high doses. Studies show that this can mitigate some side effects of common therapies. It is also in fish, meat and cereals. If patients have a selenium deficiency, some doctors prescribe appropriate preparations.

Wholegrain on the menu

In addition to the important dietary fiber, silicic acid and protein, wholemeal wheat also contains a lot of valuable zinc. It strengthens the immune system because the body needs it to produce certain immune cells.

Drinking ginger tea

The root, which comes from Asia, is considered an exotic spice. “In natural medicine, it is a valued remedy for nausea,” emphasizes Dr. med. Huber. You can chew a piece of peeled root pure or pour boiling water over it for a tea (let it rest for ten minutes).

Spoon yoghurt

Chemotherapy sometimes damages the intestinal mucosa. Affected then suffer from diarrhea . Lactobacilli, which are enriched in probiotic yoghurts, can rebuild the damaged intestinal flora and normalize the function of the organ. Higher doses are probiotic preparations from the pharmacy.

A typical side effect of hormone therapies in cancer are hot flashes. They can be reduced with a diet rich in soy.


In studies, scientists received initial indications that short-term fasting before chemotherapy is helpful: “It can improve their tolerability and increase their efficacy,” Dr. Huber. Currently, intensive research on this topic to gain in-depth knowledge.

In summary, the doctor points out, however, that so far no special diet is known, with which a cancer can be influenced. It is important that the patients eat a balanced diet in order to maintain a good general condition.
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