Prostate cancer therapy

Prostate cancer therapy

Prostate cancer therapy, When the diagnosis of prostate cancer is established and the extent and stage of the disease have been determined, the doctor decides together with the patient which options of treatment are used. The following treatment methods are currently used for the treatment of prostate carcinoma:

Which therapy is performed depends on whether the tumor is still limited to the prostate at the time of the diagnosis or has already affected surrounding tissue and has formed secondary tumors (metastases) in lymph nodes and other organ systems.

Curative or palliative treatment

Tumors that are confined to the prostate ( early stage ) are treated curatively, ie, with the aim of healing. This is usually done by surgical removal of the prostate or by radiation therapy.

If, at the time of the diagnosis, the tumor has already spread to adjacent tissue and / or metastases are formed in adjacent lymph nodes ( advanced stage ), surgery or irradiation as individual therapy is insufficient. In this case, therefore, additional forms of treatment are used which act not only in the prostate but also in the entire body (hormone therapy). This so-called adjuvant, supporting therapy is still carried out with a curative intention, ie, it is directed to cure the disease.

If, however, there are already distant metastases, a cure can no longer be achieved, the treatment now has palliative, ie, soothing character. The aim is to stop the spread of the tumor and to maintain the quality of life of the patient. This is done by means of hormone or chemotherapy, by the targeted therapy of bone metastases as well as by the treatment of pain.

It is important that you talk with your treating physician about the different therapy options. Find out more about the effects of the different types of treatment on your physical and mental wellbeing. Not all of the therapies described are suitable for each patient but there are one or more alternative treatment options for each patient.

Treatment guidelines

As for many other types of cancer, there are also different national and international guidelines for prostate cancer that are developed and regularly updated based on the latest research results. They help the doctors in decision-making in specific situations. The most important treatment recommendations for prostate cancer are:

  • S3 Guideline of the German Cancer Society and various specialist companies
  • Guidelines of the European Society of Urology (EAU)
  • Clinical Practice Guidelines of the American National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN)

In addition to these specialist publications, patient guidance lines are also presented which, in a generally understandable language, reflect the current recommendations.
Learn more about the treatment in the early stages.
Learn more about advanced treatment.
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