Red panda diet

Are you aware of the diet of the red pandas?

If you have a look at the red panda, it might appear to be more like a fox or a raccoon. Now the question is what is the red panda diet? Is the mammal an omnivore or a herbivore? This is quite a puzzle, especially when you take into account of the relatives of the panda.

red panda diet

Bamboo is the staple food of the red pandas

If you minutely explore the diet of the red pandas, you will find that they mostly rely on the bamboo. Apart from the bamboos, they also consume berries, flowers, acorns and other types of fruits. In fact, they also don’t mind eating eggs, insects, small rodents and birds.

Bamboo is the staple food of the red pandas, and they won’t hesitate to search for it the half of the day and then spend time eating it.

Red pandas can be considered both as an herbivore and an omnivore

The majority of the animal experts consider the red pandas as mainly herbivore. But since they also eat small birds, insects and even rodents, they don’t fall in the category of the exclusive herbivorous animals. This is because they mainly depend of eating bamboos, and different types of fruits. Because of the red panda diet, they are sometimes also classified as the omnivores.