Regional Chemotherapy: Wanda Survived The Cancer

Regional Chemotherapy: Wanda Survived The Cancer

Regional Chemotherapy: Wanda Survived The Cancer

When she came to the clinic, she was on morphine, barely able to stand on her feet. After a long cancer, Wanda Ackermann was more dead than alive. Today she is well again: a special therapy made her tumor shrink.

Regional chemotherapy has been used to combat breast cancer. The breast was separated from the bloodstream and treated separately with a chemotherapy drug, which brought rapid successes and defeated the breast cancer.

It started in January 2005: The 35-year-old felt a lump in his right breast – cancer. He was removed, she got 30 irradiations. “The doctors said, after that I would have at least ten years rest.”


But after only two years of relapse. Now the chest should be removed. “Never! I was still young and wanted to have children!” Wanda mobilized her last powers. Together with husband Philip she fulfilled her big dream and traveled for half a year to the US west coast. “We hiked from Mexico to Canada – 4,300 kilometers,” says Wanda. “I did not know how much time I have left …”

She was fine in the USA. “I ran away from death, I thought.”

But shortly after the return of the shock: The tumor exploded – the breast was amputated. This was followed by five cycles of chemotherapy with terrible side effects: hair loss , vomiting, pain. Wanda stopped the therapy. “No one can handle it!”

Shortly afterwards, a lump was also discovered in the left breast. A dramatic time full of hopelessness and desperation. “Without my husband, I would not have been able to do that,” Wanda says thankfully.


Then the trained educator heard about a special tumor treatment: regional chemotherapy. Suddenly Wanda had hope again!

And that, even though high doses of morphine could no longer reduce their pain. The tumor had grown to the size of a grapefruit, rock hard.

In the Medias Klinikum Burghausen (Bavaria) her chest was separated with balloon catheters from the rest of the bloodstream and supplied via an external pump with the life juice. Then the doctors flooded the chest with a chemotherapy drug. Finally, they filtered the blood to purify it of residual remnants of the remedy.

“The treatment improved my condition within a few days,” rejoices Wanda. She is now healed. “I feel like a newborn.”


In this method, the anti-tumor agent is not directed into the whole body, but initially only in the tumor, its environment and the metastases. So healthy organs are almost spared by the cell toxins, there are hardly any side effects. The biggest advantage: The chemo can be dosed much higher.