How Does Colon Cancer Develop?

How Does Colon Cancer Develop? He is one of the most common cancers. What are the risk factors for this disease? “Cancer” is the umbrella term for malignant neoplasms or tumors that arise from altered cells. In these cells, the genetic material is changed. Therefore, they divide faster than normal Continue Reading

Colon Cancer Risk Factors Diagnosis

Colon Cancer Risk Factors Diagnosis The colon (colon) has the task to thicken the food leftovers and to transport them towards the intestinal exit. In the last section of the large intestine, the rectum, the stool is stored until it is finally excreted. Colorectal cancer is most common in the Continue Reading

The Most Important Questions About Colon Cancer

The Most Important Questions About Colon Cancer Why is it colon cancer, how can you protect yourself and who is particularly at risk? Experts answer “mylife” the most important questions around the topic of colon cancer. There are many questions about colon cancer: “mylife” answers the most important questions. THE Continue Reading

anal cancer-  risk factors – symptoms

anal cancer-  risk factors – symptoms risk factors Certain types of human papillomavirus (HPV) A weakened immune system, eg in HIV infection or after transplantation symptoms The first symptoms of anal cancer can be blood in the stool, skin changes, hardening, pain or itching in the anal area and the discharge of Continue Reading

Interview With Dr. Christa Maar On Colon Cancer

Interview With Dr. Christa Maar On Colon Cancer A woman that moves a lot: In 2001, Dr. Christa Maar after a tragic stroke of fate, the “Felix Burda Foundation” in the life, which advocates for the colorectal cancer screening. Using elaborate advertising campaigns, the homepage and the media-effective Felix Continue Reading

Colon Cancer  6 Silent Signs

Colon Cancer  6 Silent Signs A significant number of the indications of colon growth can likewise be caused by something that isn’t disease. That is the reason diagnosing the condition can be testing and troublesome. For instance, contaminations, crabby inside disorder, incendiary gut malady, or hemorrhoids can likewise cause the Continue Reading

Colon Cancer – Causes

Colon Cancer – Causes What triggers colon cancer? As with any cancer, the causes of colorectal cancer are manifold. We know that at the level of the gland cells in the intestinal mucosa a derailment takes place, which can not stop the body’s own defense. The degenerate cells multiply unchecked. Continue Reading