Tomatoes Reduce The Risk Of Cancer

Tomatoes Reduce The Risk Of Cancer

Tomatoes Reduce The Risk Of Cancer

Tomatoes Reduce The Risk Of Cancer
Tomatoes Reduce The Risk Of Cancer

The nightshades reward us twice. First, they contain many important vitamins and, secondly, the red fruits can prevent cell changes and thus tumor diseases.

Tomatoes can lower the risk of cancer

Tomatoes help the body destroy harmful cancer cells.

Almost an impossibility: to think of tomatoes from the kitchen. Whether as ketchup or pasta sauce, baked or in salad, as soup or juice: we eat almost 22 kilos per capita per year – half of it as vegetables.


Although 94% of tomatoes are water, the remaining six are so. In addition to vitamins A, C and E, minerals such as potassium and calcium as well as trace elements such as zinc and selenium, their most important substance is lycopene. This plant dye provides the bright red.

Scientists are excited about the “antioxidant properties” of phytochemicals – and thus the ability of lycopene to bind harmful forms of oxygen to the organism. These free radicals arise in the metabolic processes in our cells. They not only damage the smallest building blocks of the body and thus contribute to aging; they can also alter genetic information in the nucleus – cancer develops.

Studies have shown that high lycopene levels in women can lower the number of cervical cancer cases. Other protective effects were noted for breast, bladder and pancreas tumors. In addition, for diseases of the stomach and intestines.

Especially tomato juice and marke are rich in valuable lycopene. The processing does not change that. On the contrary: By heating, the substance can be better absorbed by the body. And a splash of olive oil helps in addition. Because the dye dissolves only in fat.


But even raw tomatoes are healthy. ACE is the name of the new product that more and more products are promoting. This refers to the cell-protecting vitamins A, C and E – and of which the red, tasty fruit is full!

Not only does ACE prevent harmful deposits in the body’s 100,000-kilometer vascular system. The trio also strengthens the immune defense in the daily fight against degenerated cells.


Cabbage: Whether red, green or white – it contains plenty of vitamin C and plenty of mustard oil glycosides. That’s good for colon cancer. Important: Only very thorough chewing gets the protective effect going. Extra tip: Fresh or as frozen food, winter vegetables contain the most vitamins.

Green tea: The contained polyphenols stop inflammation that causes tumors to develop. Another plus is a tanning agent. According to the US study, it increases the activity of special enzymes that are responsible for the degradation of toxic, carcinogenic substances.

Citrus fruits: With lemons and Co. many cancers of the digestive system (esophagus, stomach, intestine) can be controlled. The reason: Citrus fruits can act directly on tumor cells. In addition, they increase the influence of other plant substances in the food.