What are the symptoms of lung cancer?

Symptoms: What are the symptoms of lung cancer?

Symptoms: What are the symptoms of lung cancer ? Lung cancer usually develops in secret, the person concerned does not notice any signs or symptoms at first. It is only when an advanced stage is reached that nonspecific pathologies occur in bronchial carcinomas. These patients should be given medical attention by the physician.

·        New cough, which persists for 2-3 weeks despite a treatment with antibiotics

·        Chronic cough that changes its character

·        Bloody and bloodless expectoration

·        Whistling breathing, dyspnoea

·        Feverish sweats and night sweats

·        fatigue

·        Unintended weight loss

·        hoarseness

·        Pain in the chest area

·        Swelling of the face and neck

If you notice such symptoms, it does not mean you are suffering from a tumor. There may also be chronic bronchitis or pulmonary inflammation, especially in the case of severe smokers. Nevertheless, you should take the complaints seriously and absolutely go to the doctor!

Symptoms: What are the symptoms of lung cancer?

The sooner a bronchial carcinoma is discovered, the better the healing chances! Medical assistance can heal in the early stages and, in the case of advanced tumor diseases, help to make the remaining life span as tolerable and viable as possible.

If malignant lung tumors are recognized at an early stage, this is usually done by chance, for example, by radiographic examinations for another occasion. Satisfactory possibilities for the early detection of a bronchial carcinoma, which are also useful for patients without signs of lung disease, have not been established. It is therefore all the more important to avoid the risk factors as far as possible.