What is breast cancer ?

What is breast cancer ?

Breast cancer (breast cancer) is the most common cancer in women. He rarely appears in men. A genetic predisposition and older age favor the development of breast cancer. Alcohol, smoking, obesity and hormone preparations increase the risk of disease.

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What is breast cancer ?

Malignant tumor of the breast , also called mammary carcinoma. Most common cancer in women: One in eight women gets sick during their lifetime (lifetime risk). Rarely do men get breast cancer: In the course of life, it affects only one of 790 men.

Forms of breast cancer: invasive ductal breast cancer (cancerous tumor originating from milk ducts), invasive lobular breast cancer (cancerous tumor originating from the glandular lobes), more rare forms (such as inflammatory breast cancer)

Risk factors: female sex, older age, genetic predisposition, hormonal factors (such as early first menstrual bleeding plus late menopause, taking hormone supplements, late first pregnancy, childlessness), alcohol, smoking, physical inactivity, overweight , high fat diet; in men also undescended testicles as well as earlier testicular inflammation or epididymitis

Possible symptoms: knots or indurations in the breast, changes in shape or size of a breast, change in color or sensitivity of the breast or nipple , drawbacks of the breast or nipple, leakage of clear, cloudy or bloody secretions from a nipple, uncrowned redness or scaling the breast skin etc.

Treatment options: surgery, radiotherapy , chemotherapy , anti-hormone therapy, targeted therapies (such as antibody therapy)

Prognosis: Recognized and treated in good time Breast cancer is usually curable.

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